problem with drop out on Sonos Roam

I have recently purchased a Sonos Roam (Kitchen and garden/garage) which I have connected to a Sonos One (Back Room) and SL (TV Room). When all connected in the house everything is fine. However on using the Roam in the garden via WiFi Extender it drops out and I get the following message. 

“Some Sonos products are using a WiFi Extender. If you include one of these in a room group, you won’t be able to play music in that group. To ensure playback in all grouped rooms you’ll need to permanently wore a Sonos product to your router”


I did connect the SL to the router however still got the drop out and above message.

Help please.

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Roam connects over your home WiFi. It is probably connecting to the extender. Remove the extender. Reboot your Roam  

Go to Settings > About my system. All speakers on the SonosNet will show “WM:0”. If not reboot those speakers and allow them to discover the SonosNet. In the same section your Roam should show WM:1 which is Wi-Fi. 

Tx, I’ll give this a try tomorrow 🤞🏻