Problem with cr200 after update

  • 11 May 2014
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First post for me in 3 years.... But first problem

I've bought à couple of years à zp120 with à cr200 controler. I never use controler because soft on my phone was perfect.

But now i want to place back my cr200 to put in a new place. When i connect it to the system they ask me to pu date it in 4.3. I accepted and now my cr200 is unable to use because musik buton, and right buton show list ( afficher la liste in french) don t respond...

How can i factory reset ? Wat can i do because my controler is really new state... But no more under warranty...

I already remove and replace battery and put controler in craddle but nothing change

Thanks for your help

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8 replies

Welcome to the forums.

Just to be clear, are you saying that nothing happens when you touch the Music Menu button at the bottom of the Now Playing screen? In other words do you have a 'dead' area on the screen?

There has unfortunately been a history of the CR200/CONTROL developing faults with the touchscreen. The age of the unit and the environment in which it's been used (e.g. humidity) could be factors.

If your CR200 has indeed developed dead spots there's nothing you can do apart from contacting Sonos Support and asking for assistance. They may be able to organise a replacement unit, but there is likely to be a cost involved.
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Thx for your answer.

Yes it is à dead spots, nothing happens when i touch music menu...

I contacted sonos support and wait answer... I hope that they have solution because cr200 is so expensive...

Do you know of it s possible to find parts on the web to repair the screen ? (Like iphone, ...)
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My advice - Do not throw good money after bad on a CR200!

The CR100 was discontinued when the CR200 was introduced. The CR200 was discontinued some time ago (many think the reason was because of the "dead spot" issue). So now both Sonos controllers are "obsolete" bits of kit.

However CR100s still seem to be readily available second hand and work much better than the CR200s ever did, due to the extra hard buttons and lack of a touch screen!

If our CR200s fail outside warranty we will not spend any money getting them repaired, but if one of our CR100s fails it will be repaired or replaced with a second hand unit.

Just my 2d worth!
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Replace the CR200 with a low cost android device which supports the Sonos software. Repairing a CR200 is fairly expensive ($100).
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Note - Sonos are offering free replacements using an automated online process - so there may well be zero cost.

CR200s are still worth somewhere between £120-£180 on ebay - so it has got to be worth a try..

Sadly I cannot post the link as I'm new to the forum - so google for Sonos CR200 RMA and see if you can see it..
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How old is your cr200. I just had mine replaced free of charge and its four yeas old. This is the 3 unit that has gone like this and the common factor has been lack of use.
Sonos UK have just told me that I must pay the best part of £100 for the replacement of my dying cr200 (dead spots). I would appreciate advice from the forum about getting a foc replacement - especially as this is my second controller.
Thanks in advance.
This whole issue is software related and not a problem of the hardware!

In some instances the dead spot is very well "touchable".

I suspect more of an issue that the programmers do not want to address or nobody cares because they continue telling us to switch to an Android App.

FIX THE SOFTWARE and keep customers happy instead