Problem with Audio Drop Out When Playing Vinyl

  • 19 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi All,

I've seen a few similar topics and have tried to tweak my router settings etc. as suggested.

One thing that I've done is to "hard wire" my Sonos Connect to my router, however when I log in to the router settings, it still shows the Connect on WiFi so I suspect this isn't helping matters - do anyone know how to remedy this?

My turntable is connected via a pre-amp into the Sonos Connect, and I have two Sonos Play:1s. Usual story, on occasion, the audio drops out. I always make sure to turn off any WiFi devices before playing vinyl so it cant be router congestion (I have the new BT Smart Hub), and the wireless bands are apart etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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1 reply

Go to Settings/About My Sonos System. Do the players show 'WM:0' or 'WM:1'?

What channel is SonosNet set to (see in Advanced Settings) and which channel is the BT Hub using?

A little-known tip: Set the CONNECT's Line-In device type to 'Airplay Device'. You can rename it afterwards. This increases the amount of network buffering somewhat, thereby improving Line-In resilience, without compromising quality.