Pro-ject T1 SB lift lever

  • 13 January 2022
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The lift lever doesn’t make contact with the tonearm tube so it basically isn’t functioning - any ideas? is there an adjustment that is needed? I just received the turntable today so it is new.


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9 replies

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Have you read through the manual?

You might be better off contacting Pro-Ject directly:

Read the manual - contacted Sonos (non) support - I can’t see where there are any adjustments - I guess Pro-Ject support is the only answer. Thanks


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Do you mean the lift lever isn’t lifting the arm from the arm rest, or does it not support the arm over the record/platter at all? My Pro-Ject is probably close to 30 years old now, but if the new ones are like mine the lift doesn’t actually raise the tonearm from the rest; it only engages when you swing the arm over the record.


In any case Sonos sells them but don’t manufacture them, so Pro-Ject support will be more helpful if you do have an issue.

Thanks - I’ll contact Pro-Ject to see what they say

I contacted Pro-Ject and they advised they had seen the issue before. Apparently the problem is the silicone in the damping mechanism contracts and that sometimes letting the TT ‘acclimate’ for a few days expands the silicone and then the mechanism functions properly. They said if that doesn’t resolve the issue to return the unit to Sonos for replacement. They did also say that Sonos is one of their biggest customers and that return/replacement of the entire unit would not be a problem. Thanks

I’m having the exact same problem. I wonder if this was a bad new batch of turntables they sent out. It’s so frustrating to get a brand new item that’s broken.


Did you contact Pro-Ject through the international site? I’m in the US and tried calling their US representative, but haven’t heard back yet.


This is unfortunate that such a well regarded turntable is having this problem.

I called the US customer service department. They were very responsive and knew right away what the problem was. The rep I spoke with was great to deal with. He was certain Sonos could resolve the issue and said going through Sonos would solve the immediate problem quicker than if I returned the unit to the main US dealer.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly! What is the phone number you called for Pro-Ject? I’m not sure I called the correct one.

I’ll have to find it but will post when I have it.