Pre Amp Problem

  • 21 March 2017
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I have the following Sonos components

Two play ones and a Playbar giving surround sound.
Sonos Sub
Separate Play 1 and Play 5
I have a Pro-Ject turntable which doesn't have a built in phono stage. My amp is an Onkyo A-9010 and it has a built in phono stage. If I connect a separate pre amp then I get a buzzing through the speakers . All cables are shielded and there isn't an issue with them.
Because of the above I need to connect the turntable directly to the amp to avoid the buzzing . How can I can incorporate my Connect into this set up so that I can play vinyl through my Sonos system ?

Any hep much appreciated .

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4 replies

Turntable Phono output -> Pre-Amp phono input-> Pre-Amp line-level output-> Connect Line-in.

If you are getting a buzzing when connecting this way, try another line-in source on the Connect to see if there is something wrong with the line-in on the Connect.
Thanks for the reply.
The Turntable Phono output needs to go to Pre-Amp input which is built into the amplifier so I'm not sure where to take the output from ? I've attached a picture as I'm probably not explaining this very well
OK, in this example, you're going to keep the amplifier? I think that's what you've taken a picture of. jgatie was explaining how to connect your Phono player directly to the Connect, not to the amplifier. If you want to keep the amplifier, then just connect a couple of RCA cables from the "line out" in that picture, and then connect them to the "line in" on the Connect.

And I see I was wrong...jgatie was indeed saying the same thing I am. He's right, as usual.
Thanks very much , all sorted now