Popping (Zapping) noise from my stereo speakers when using Sonos.

  • 12 December 2016
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I have a Sonos Connect going to my receiver. I have next-to-new RC cables. I've had it set up this way for a few years now with no problems.
I am getting an annoying loud popping sound through my stereo speakers about every 5-10 minutes. The sound from the Sonos goes dead for a second when this happens.
I don't get this happening from my Play-5.
I've taken the RC cables and switched them to a different RC-In at the receiver and the problem continues. I've put my TV into the previously RC-In used by the Sonos Connect and I don't get the popping noise through the TV. So, it seems to be coming from the Sonos Connect only. It started about 2 weeks ago.

Any ideas?

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7 replies


Immediately after the popping sound, run a diagnostic, and post the number here. Then the Sonos guys can take a look at the data in the diagnostic and figure out if it's an issue occurring in the Sonos side of the system. do you run a diagnostic?
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Your confirmation number is: 6864623.
How long does it usually take for the analysis?
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Your confirmation number is: 6864623.

Hi onthegulf,

Your diagnostic report doesn't show any errors. We'd like to get you in touch with our phone team to get this sorted out. Please give us a call and reference case number: 161215-002691. You can find our number and hours here.