Poor sound quality from Turntable via Connect to a Playbar

Hi. Please help.
We decided to go retro and invest in a turntable this christmas and get the vinyl out of the loft. Took advice and purchased a turntable/external pre amp/Connect. Connected it all up to the network. The snag is that the play back is poor. It is distorted and pulses. The two devices are in the same room and the Boost is in the next room. Please provide any help/advice as have a very unhappy wife who wants to buy normal speakers...thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Giles

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The turntable definitely doesn't already have a pre-amp?
And you could have left the Connect out of it by using an analogue to digital converter and optical switch to put the turntable into the Playbar.
nope, the shop confirmed and advised to purchase a pre amp and connect..
ah yes, could have done that but then i would need to be able to put them nearer to each other than they are and that would have precluded me from sending to other rooms if I so wished; hence the Connect..
What is the turntable make and model please?
Not correct about other rooms. Simply group the Playbar with other rooms
thanks for coming back again and taking an interest. it is a project debut III se..
interesting comment regarding the ADC - any recommendations? (they're fairly cheap, right - so worth a try?)
I haven't used one myself so don't feel qualified to recommend, but I think this is the sort of thing you want:

A lot cheaper than the Connect, which in your scenario isn't doing much more than acting as an ADC.

You could test it before buying a switch by moving the optical cable from the TV. But I have used the following switch very successfully:

But the set up you have should work better than you describe.
OK - thanks for your advice John B, given your comments about it should be working better than described hopefully someone else will pick this up and give me their thoughts..
It may help to post TT make and model back here. Good luck.
You could also experiment with setting the line-in compression to compressed and adjust the line-in level, although doesn't really sound like that sort of problem.
Possibility of faulty cables and connections should be eliminated if you can.
You should also check that connections are solid and try another cable if you have one.

And going back to my original point, if you are relying on the store as to whether the TT has a pre-amp, I'd recommend checking the specs yourself.