Poor sound quality after update

  • 21 October 2017
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Just did the latest update - now the audio quality on my stereo pair of Play 3’s is severely degraded. Bottom end gone, sound all upper mids. Sounds like the data rate is severely lowered (sounds like 64k MP3). Any suggestions/fixes?

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34 replies

It's certainly not a hardware issue. Software often is the culprit which compromises performance of hardware. Apple's iPhone is an example. Companies need to be held accountable for their actions otherwise they should not be in the business; if exploiting customer's time and productivity is the company's priority, then the company should realize the consequence of their behavior. There are laws which regulate monopolizing and if such software changes diminish performance of a product or service and persuades consumers to upgrade, then this is certainly an issue which needs to be escalated. Look at the Android Community, the ability to customize, root and load custom ROM's breathes new life into much older devices and quickly brings it up to a similar basic adequate and satisfying performance spec typically seen in newer devices.
I hear you; but since 2011 I have not seen this even once with any of my 8 units, through about 40-50 updates. If this was a software issue, why would it affect a select unfortunate few? Because if it was more than a few, there would be an uproar, so I don't believe I am alone in being just very lucky either.
1469694849 diagnostic code. same issue one speaker sounds muffled other speaker fine. thanks
I had this same problem and found a solution digging through the forums. My Play:5 Gen 1s were suddenly sounding muffled and crappy so I read somewhere that the fix is to do a factory reset. I did this tonight following these instructions and it worked like a charm, they sound great again:

Your confirmation number is: 1515050639.
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Your confirmation number is: 1515050639.

Thanks for sending in the diagnostic report. It's hard to tell from the report what's going on. It would probably be best to work with our phone team on this issue. Please give us a call, our phone number and hours can be found here.
Both my play 1’s sound like they’re playing under water, I have submitted a diagnostics but has there been a solution posted?
Ribbo76, you need to either post the diagnostic number here, or call in to Sonos. I don't think they look at random submissions, you have to poke them.
I noticed same problem with my play:5. :(my play 5 now sounds terrible. I’ve done the retune thing several times using my iPad. No difference. Top end is harsh and tinny, middle is missing in action so the sound sounds cheap not rich, the bass is ok but I don’t care about that as I listen to vocals which now sound cheap and horrible. I stream music from iTunes on my iMac.