Podcasts (Pocket Casts) replay last several minutes after completion, repeatedly

  • 8 February 2018
  • 2 replies

This is has been happening for about a week, but after any podcast ends in the Pocket Casts app within Sonos, it just loops the last several minutes instead of ending the episode.
So I am listening to a 1:23:53 podcast and at 0:00:00 remaining time, it jumps to 0:04:23 remaining time and continuously plays: gapless - as a result, the podcast never ends.
My "in progress" list of episodes keeps populating because the app cannot finish any of them.

2 replies

Did you ever get any responses from anyone or find what was causing this, as I too have the exact same problem!
If you still have this issue, check here, as others are also seeing the same.