Podcasts on Sonos not showing episode length so can't forward or rewind

  • 27 February 2017
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

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Fast Forward, rewind and pause for more than an eye blink needs to be added to Sirius on demand as well. Brutal...
Experiencing the very same thing listening to shows on-demand via Apple Music. Since downloading is not an uption on this service, I either have to listen to the whole podcast on on Sonos or choose not to do it entirely. Seems ragingly stupid for me to spend a good amount of money to have your speakers, just standing there not playing what I now have to listen to on my iPhone speakers.... alternatively I could spend another 60 minutes replaying to get to where was.
For HOW LONG could this possibly be a problem for me to care about? Can we please get a fix for this now?! I can ASSURE you that this is something EVERY Sonos costumer would appreciate.

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Sonos engineer bosses don't use pause or fast forward or rewind so the thought of why it's so important to the rest of us is like asking them to understand why someone would be born with 17 heads - it's beyond their level of understanding.