playing tv through sonos ceiling speakers and sub

  • 1 August 2020
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Hi, basically I’ve got the new Sonos amp. 4 Sonos ceiling speakers and a sub installed. All working fine.
I’ve purchased a new Philips 65pus8535 tv. 

I’ve also ran an hdmi cable from the amp to the tv, and connected it to a hdmi arc socket on the tv. 
I cannot work our what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get audio through the ceiling speakers. I can control the volume Of the tv through Sonos app or through the amp itself but that just controls the tv speakers. The hdmi comes up as Sonos amp on the source so I know it’s connected on. I have also clicked to turn the tv speakers off and then clicked on hdmi sound system but it still comes through the tv speakers. When I search on the Sonos app to set up tv, it keeps coming back with no signal, or can it get signal from tv. I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong here, is any body able to help or offer a solution. I am planning on getting a Sonos sound bar as well, but for now wanted to audio to play through the Ceiling speakers and sub, but can’t figure out what is going wrong l.

 Many thanks aaron.

3 replies

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Can you confirm that you have set Settings>Sound>Advanced>Audio Out to ‘TV Speakers Off’? And what is your setting Settings>Sound>Advanced>Digital out format?

Hi yes I can confirm I have set audio out to tv speakers off, and the digital out format is currently on multichannel bypass, it was on stereo uncompressed but I changed it to multichannel (bypass). As I said I can control the tv volume by the Sonos amp but can’t get audio out of the ceiling speakers or sub :-/

On the Sonos app I’ve selected tv etc, but says connection issue and it’s not getting signal and to make sure tv is on and is connected in a hdmi arc socket which it is