Players are coming and going in the controller

  • 18 May 2018
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Music plays for a little while and then suddenly skips the the next song. The players are coming and going in the controller. Can anyone see anything wrong in my diagnostic: 1794948734
When starting the app from the phone it takes a long time before the app finds the players?
First diagnostic: 1794948734
Second diagnostic, directly after a skip: 1607677042

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1 reply

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Hey there, baardog. Thanks for posting and sharing your diagnostic reports. It seems that you have a number of these players wired into the network. Typically when there are problems with speakers dropping and re-appearing, it can be traced back to the network and how Sonos is integrated into the local network. That being said, can you tell us a little more about how Sonos is plugged into the network? Are you using access points or a switch? Is the switch managed or unmanaged? Are the Access Points in a Bridge Mode?

The more information we have the better we can assist. Thanks again!