Playbase not recognised - losing sub and surrounds

Hey there,

Recently my two play 1 surrounds and sub stopped playing. Looking at sonos controller the Playbase is not being recognised - it appears as a ?.

Read another topic saying it could be a duplicate IP address caused by router. Tried powering down all devices connected to web and rebooting router and then powering each device back on one at a time. Didn't fix problem unfortunately.

When I plug Ethernet into Playbase it appears on controller, and even though it says sub and surrounds are connected their is still no playback from them. Tried removing and re adding sub and surrounds but no joy.

I'd love some advice. Here's a diagnostic ref 8036539.

And I did another diagnostic when plugged in via Ethernet. 8036628.


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Hi there, Frogger. Just checking in with you to see if you were able to get your PLAYBASE replaced at JB HIFI. Should you have any questions or run into any problems, please feel free to reach back out. We are happy to help.
Thanks Keith. Yep, no problem with the replacement and now all sorted. Cheers for following up.

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