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Today I purchased the sonos sub, come to add it to my playbase and the playbase has disappeared from the iPhone controller. I’ve reset the unit and it still will not show up. I’ve checked all the other sonos speakers and they instantly show up to add them again. I’ve plugged the playbase directly into the router and it picks it up however will not connect to it. Any ideas what this could be?

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It actually could be a hardware fault. While it's connected to the router with an ethernet cable, run a diagnostic, then call in to Sonos with that number. You can find contact info at
Sonos customer support is shocking, over 2 weeks with this issue and still no nearer. I’ve created a problem on my account and had responses but it now seems they can’t identify the fault with the diagnostic codes and basically are now not replying!! I’ve tried calling customer support over 5 times now on my dinner hour and after 55min I have to hang up!!
Currently I’ve got the sub and play 1s connected together just to play music, but again no playbase will pick up unless i plug it directly into the router, then it updates but will not pick up any other sonos speakers to connect to. Any ideas how I can get this problem sorted any quicker? I personally think the WiFi receiver has a problem on the unit and needs to be replaced.
You might want to try one of their other methods of contact, as listed at the bottom of this page under "Contact us". I believe the have Twitter support listed there.
Went down the twitter route and after checking the diagnostic on it they can confirm it’s a faulty unit. Sonos are sending a new one out for us. Appreciate your advice with that mate 👍
Glad you were able to figure it out quickly!


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