Playbase Lip-Sync Problem

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Which country are you? I’m UK and I couldn’t download that update via WiFi so had to download from the LG website onto a USB and install in that way.
USA. I connect the TV via home WiFi and updated the TV software manually.
I have a feeling something an hdmi audio extractor is going to be needed. That way the optical goes straight to the sonos instead of going through the TV:

I am going to try it out this week.
I bought a Portta 4 Port 4x1 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Optical Audio Switch/Switcher with IR Remote

So now I have that connected to the sonos with cables going to each device (Sky, TV, Xbox etc)

This has worked for me although not ideal
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I wanted to let you all know that we're currently looking into some trouble with LG OLED and Sony XBR TVs that are getting out of sync audio with the PLAYBAR. It is only some TVs that are affected, and it seems to be mostly with Dolby Digital audio sources. We're collecting data and working with LG and Sony on this.

The HDMI workaround is likely to work perfectly fine. Also, there is a sync option within Sonos if the TV is behind Sonos.

If you'd like to work with our team, it'd be best to give us a call on our support line. They'll collect some details and get them over to the team that's handling the investigation.
I’ve also got this issue - very frustrating. No apparent problems on apps, e.g. Netflix but issues when watching TV through Virgin. Playbase sound appears to be behind visual.

Called support and they acknowledged there is an issue. I’ve shared my diagnostic report. They could not confirm potential timings before this is sorted.

Andrew0785 - purchased the porta 4 port so will try this as a fix. Any additional cabling needed in order to get system up and running? I have TV, virgin and playbase.
Add me to the list. Very frustrating with my LG B7. Apps on the tv are fine and connecting devices directly by optical is also fine but passing through the TV creates unresolvable lip sync issues.
It's subtle, but same issue here. LG 55C7P (firmware version 04.70.36) + Sonos Playbase / Sub (Optical TV). The audio has a very slight delay.

I've tried resetting the TV, Xfinity box, and LG Blu Ray player, but after reading these responses it appears to just be a flaw with the Sonos system (a rather annoying one). Love the sound quality / ease of use itself, but this really needs to be fixed. Have a little time before I need to decide on whether to return it, so guess I'll just be following the progress in this thread.

And FWIW, my LGTV Sound options are:
Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)
- Digital Sound: auto
I've tried turning both AV Sync Adjustment & Bypass on - hard to tell if it has any affect. Audio is still delayed.
I have a feeling something an hdmi audio extractor is going to be needed. That way the optical goes straight to the sonos instead of going through the TV:

I am going to try it out this week.

Were you able to try this?
I have xfinity cable box.

@BG2020 - Would you mind posting the audio settings that you are using on your tv (I also a c7p & an xfinity cable box)?
Has anyone tried the Atlona AT-JUNO-451 ( It seems to support ARC, HDMI CEC and Dolby Vision passthrough. I've got an LG OLED and was thinking about doing a Sonos 5.1 system and was worried about the lip sync issues. It's expensive at $399, but might be worth it for those wanting multiple inputs without the need to program any additional devices to switch.

Seems the Playbase has been out for a few years. I've seen posts asking for it, but is there any news on an HDMI-based sound bar? CEC works really well these days so most sound bars don't even need remotes and it would be nice to not to have to use an app to switch between music and surround modes.
Sony X800D user here with the same issue. Any updates Sonos reps? Stereo audio from my xbox one x, PS4 and tv box is fine, but when it's set to dolby digital there is very often a lip sync delay with the video coming before the audio. I have a PLAYBASE grouped up with two Play:1's.
That's an indication that the TV's doing some sort of processing before it gets to the PLAYBAR.
I had the lip sync issue with my Xfinity cable box as well. I found out you can't have 5.1 selected in the cable box audio option. It must be set to stereo. I no longer have an issue. I watch most of my movies through Apple TV 4K anyway, 5.1 audio is incredible.
I came across this post because I am having audio sync issues with a new LG OLED65C7P. I am using HDMI ARC to send audio from two sources plugged into my TV back to a receiver rather than a Sonos soundbar, but I thought I would post here in hopes that it helps others.

I saw a YouTube video suggesting that lip sync issues could be resolved by disabling the Dolby Atmos processing in the TV sound settings. When I went to do this the setting was greyed out (presumably because I had the sound set to play to external sources only), so I temporarily set the sound to Internal TV speakers and went back to the sound setting to disable "Dolby Atmos" setting which was now accessible. I then set the sound back to external only and disabled the AV sync adjustment on the TV which I previously had to set somewhere between -2 and -5.

I only had a few minutes to check the results but it seemed to make things a lot better when playing from my TiVo and somewhat better when playing from Apple TV 4K. While waiting for LG to fix this issue maybe the same setting tweak will help others?

I'm going to try connecting my receiver by optical cable instead of HDMI to see if it makes any difference, and if I can't find a good combination I'm just going to buy a new receiver that handles 4K HDR and let it handle all of the audio/video processing instead of relying on the LG to pass things through properly.
Update: after turning the TV on again after about 12 hours the audio delay is present again. For a $3,000 premium television this audio delay bug (or flaw) is pretty inexcusable.
I have an LG OLED65C7P (2017 Model) and a PLAYBAR and have been suffering a while with audio sync issues with normal TV (OTA broadcasts via a Tivo Roamio). My Tivo is connected to the C7 via HDMI and the C7 is connected to the PLAYBAR via optical.

I'm a little hesitant to say the sync issue is fixed just yet but I think it might be .... try these settings on your TV:

1. Download the latest LG firmware for your TV. Mine is now version 04.70.07.
2. Change the AV Sync settings in your TV. AV Sync = on, Bypass = on.
3. Optical Settings: I also have SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) set to on and Digital Output set to Auto.

I was about to walk to the store to return the PlayBase, and I tried this, and IT IS WORKING for me🆒! I have the latest firmware 04.70.36, selected the AV Sync setting = on and Bypass = on. I have checked the my cable box, Apple TV, and Xbox One X, and everything is working just fine!
Same issue- lip sync is delayed- posted in other threads... using a C7 oled... Xbox going to it, then optical out to playbase. Super frustrating. Wish someone would do something, either Sonos, or LG.
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Hello everyone. If you are currently working with a Sony XBR or LG Oled TV, be sure to keep an eye on this topic which outlines a known issue with specific TV audio delay on Sonos.

If you do not have either of those types of TV's and are still having lip sync issues, please feel free to reach out to us by posting a small description of your Home Theater layout. Thanks!
here is a video of the problem with sync settings -5,-4,-3,-2, and -1. Not only does this range not totally fix the audio delay, but -5 is just as bad as zero! the strangest thing was that -4 was the closest to being in sync, but it still 1/30s delayed.

My setup is LG B7A with Optical Out (Auto format and On link settings)

I bought an ARC HDMI audio extractor from Amazon and it actually did not perform any better:

not sure what to try next, besides contacting LG support!