Playbase does not switch to audio after software update

After the last software update my playbase does not switch to audio anymore when I turn off my tv. As a result I have to use the app to turn on the playbase instead of using the button on the playbase. Is anyone experiencin the same issue?

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Yes. Well I can't say after the last update, because I just recently got the Playbase. But as it turns out turning off the TV has no effect on the Playbase. Not only does it not switch back to the previous source, but it also stays 'active' - in stead of going to standby after 10 mn. It seems as if the current version of the software does recognise the optical becoming active (as then it actively switches to the TV input) but not that the optical is deactivated. Would be very appreciated if this is solved.
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Playbar/Playbar do NOT "switch back to previous" source when the TV audio (Optical in) stops. This has never been the functionality of these devices
As said: I don't know what the functionality was, but I have read several posts that complained similar like rsteenstra, so it seemed reasonable. In any case: the Playbase should go to standby after (10 min after) the TV is switched off and that is seems not to be happening.
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Sonos devices go into a low power mode, not standby. Not sure how you would tell if it has or hasn’t though


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