PLAYBAR will do nothing other than play whats on tv

  • 14 January 2017
  • 1 reply

In my living room i have a playbay, sub and 2 play3's

All off which when connected as home theatre will do nothing except play whats on tv, neither spotify nor tunein will work!

Ive narrowed it down to the playbar being the issue as if i dissconect the play 3's and sub, group them together as a room they work as they should

Also when theatre is connected i can group it with kitchen that will play spotify and the home theatre room will play spotify

Ive tried turning off every sonos player, turningoff power to router and playbar and just rebooting them 2 to no avail

Untill recently ive been blown away by sonos and loved it but as it stands i have £1700 system in my living room that wont do anything but play whats on tv!!!!

I dont have sonos linked to a pc just 2 phones and 2 tablets, occasionally get 1002 error but most the time just says unable to play

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1 reply

Problem solved for now i think

Reset router back to factory settings

Started sonos system adding each player 1 by 1 starting with playbar and now all works as it should