Playbar Volume increases & decreases dramatically regardless of external source volume setting

  • 16 July 2018
  • 1 reply

Last night, I was listening to Pandora on my Apple TV 4k. The Volume was set to 23. This morning I listened to Pandora on the same Playbar & Apple TV 4k, but the volume was so loud at setting 23 I thought a speaker would have blown, and I mean LOUD. I had to turn the volume down to "3" to get the same listening experience as it was set to "23" last night. Absolutely nothing has changed in my environment from last night. This issue has happened more than once.

I understand that volume levels can change depending on the content, like standard vs. compressed audio, streaming TV and movie apps, etc. But this occurred with a single app, in the same environment within 10 hours of standby.


2x Sonos One's
Sony X900E 49 inch TV
TV Digital volume settings are set to Dolby Digital (not dolby digital plus)
Optical cable that included with Sonos connected to the TV
Apple TV 4k

I haven't found an answer searching through these forums, I have found that others have also experienced this and was hoping someone had either a workaround or know if Sonos is aware of the issue and working on a fix?

I can't justify the cost of adding more Sonos equipment to my home if this issue remains unresolved.

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1 reply


I have been experiencing the exact same issue with my setup! last time this happened I think something actually got damaged within my playbar! either a speaker or twitter I'm not sure. It doesn't quite sound like a blown speaker and its hard to describe but its a very pronounce sound, especially with dialog at lower levels or classical type music. Also I noticed this issue started happening right after the latest software update. I wonder if that could be the problem or what's causing it, I tried calling customer service but its a 1 hour wait....... guess ill call back later, let me know if you find a fix.

"My Current Setup"

Playbar, Sub, 2 Play 1s For home theater
Additional Play 1 in bedroom

Also FYI, when grouping that 3rd play 1 when I'm listening to music throughout the house, if that speaker is at a different volume before grouping it stays that way until you zero out the volume on the app while grouped, then proceeding with turning it up after being zeroed out if that makes sense. So every time I group that speaker I'm afraid that if its already turned up and that issue happens again it will blow the damn speaker! anyway let me know what you hear, and good luck.