Playbar TV Sound cutting out on regular basis for past few days.

  • 28 January 2017
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56 replies

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I have No problem with correction.... particularly when I could easily be incorrect... and in this case, when we are trying to discern what someone means through their writing.... I certainly could...

For me, the point is always being as helpful as possible to people who come here looking for potential solutions... So I wouldn't want to steer the OP in the wrong direction... but I am not sure anything I've said does so.

I totally get your point that the source issue *could* be in the signal or the PlayBar's interpretation of the signal.... I would find it odd that this start following an update when it didn't seem to occur prior to it, but sure... it could obviously...

But, I was simply intending to remove from any potential issue any concern that may originate with communication on the network since the OP say: "I am getting many 1/8 second cut outs of sound from Sonos speakers"... and while he/she says "PlayBar in the title.... The use of "Sonos Speakers" (plural) made me want to suggest that they should consider alleviating any potential source issues up front that might arise from IP issues, and not assume the issue is occurring for the OP only on the PlayBar alone... the OP doesn't say that specifically.

I may have been incorrect in my reading of the original post, but that was my take on their statement and hence the advice...

And we are agreed that the posting of a Diagnostic is something the OP should do... anytime now 🙂 And, of course we'd all love to see more assigned IP addresses... there would be a lot fewer "I have cut outs occurring" posts 🙂
SHARKB8T, can I discuss this with you for a moment?

The Playbar gets the TV's signal through the optical cable, so there's no "IP address" conflict that would affect it, that I'm aware of. Now if it were the surrounds, then that might be an issue, but I don't think it could be on the Playbar itself, unless it's playing music, and not the TV sound.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, or don't have all the correct information on that.

For my dollar (and worth every penny you've paid for it), there's only 2 possibilities for cutouts in a Playbar. The first would be a failure of the optical connection, which could manifest itself as a kink in the cable, or not being seated properly at either end. The other possibility would be some particular issue with the data being sent by the TV. That could be a nonconforming data bit in the Dolby Digital stream (like a special command designed for the playbar made by the manufacturer) or simply a non accessible data format like DTS or Dolby Digital Plus (or Atmos, or any other random non supported format).

Well, I'm also discounting a hardware issue like a power supply failing, or the like. I guess I shouldn't, but who knows.

My assumption has been, based on no facts whatsoever, is that many manufacturers have improperly or incompletely implemented the Dolby Digital specifications for data streams, and have had to release updates to their firmware that fixes it. My assumption is that this is why the manufacturers have had to do the updates, and it hasn't been an update by Sonos to fix the problem. I could be wrong, though, as there have been many Sonos updates, but to my recollection none of them have been to "fix" problems with the Playbar. So I'm guessing that Sonos is "to spec" on their interpretation process, and the TV manufacturers have added special commands to make it work better with their own systems, but in the end it doesn't fully comply with the spec.

So, that's my perspective on the whole "Playbar" issue. But as usual, I do agree with your statements in a more general fashion. Assigning reserved IPs, or as some say "static IP addresses" is a smart thing to do no matter what. And posting a diagnostic tends to get much more expert help than people like me who are guessing based on personal (and often flawed) knowledge.

Thanks for letting me disagree with you. And I'd be fascinated in any rebuttal to my assumptions above that you might have. More education is a good thing, I've no particular fear of being wrong. I'm often wrong 🙂
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I'm not certain what makes you suggest this bored...

I'd think ongoing cutouts of the PlayBar consistently would be mentioned far more often here if it was 'a problem with the PlayBar'... as opposed to the many people who do post, but resolve their issues, often associated with networking issues.

To the OP... I would suggest you do submit a diagnostic and post the number here so the Sonos staff can review it and get back to you.

As for a roll-back. It is my understanding that Sonos doesn't support this. So that isn't in the cards, but if the issue wasn't occurring before the update, I'm not certain that it should be occurring after and there is little posting here since the update to suggest that the update is generating a systemic problem like this....

It is the briefness of the cut-out that has me intrigued a bit. Most people's experience with audio cutouts tends to be IP address conflicts or networking challenges. You can look to eliminate IP conflicts on your network by doing a complete reboot of your network.... to do this, you'd shut down all... and I do mean all... devices that connect to your network (including computers, phones, tablets, printers, hubs, etc, etc.) shut down your router and modem if different, and then n modemuterd devices one at a time. This will force the distribution of new IP address to each device and clear up any issues from this. (You can also go into your router and assign IP addresses to devices that are typically on your network. I highly recommend doing this. Takes a bit, it worth it!).

Post back if his helps and do give Sonos you pr diagnostic # (send it while you are experiencing the issues)
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It's a problem with the Playbar. Sonos have not yet fixed this.
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Hi tc10, welcome to the community. Can you send us a diagnostic taken whilst you're experiencing these audio drops? Reply here with the confirmation number that you get.