PlayBar stopped connecting (repair possible?)

  • 20 October 2019
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My PlayBar stopped working suddenly. It is hooked up to my TV using optical. This happened a couple times before, and I would just power cycle it and it would come back. This time though, that doesn't work. It's hooked up to a Sonos Sub, but unhooking it doesn’t help.

I've tried to factory reset the playbar and it the light just stays white. Now I can't even see it as a Sonos device at all. I've tried plugging it in and adding it as a new device, that doesn't work. It's just gone and doesn't work at all. I've checked the optical cable and the light is coming through from the TV. I tried using as optical out on my Playstation 4 and that doesn't work either.

I wrote tech support with my serial number (Moderator edit: removed number as requested below) and they said it is no longer under warranty and that they would give me a slight discount on replacement. It’s 5-6 years old, but that doesn’t seem like a reasonable reason for it to drop dead. I hate to throw the whole thing away when I bet it’s some electronics issue, not a problem with the speakers, the housing, or anything more significant.

I found this guide ( for repairing a PlayBar online, but it’s not the same problem as mine and it’s pretty far out of my expertise.

Does anyone know any repair services that could help? Or has anyone fixed this same problem themselves?


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5 replies

I would personally just try this factory-reset process one more time, make sure you follow the instructions accurately....

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Depending on which product you have, press and hold the JoinButton-24px.png Join button, or PlayPauseButton-Filled-28px.png Play/Pause button while you reconnect the power cord.
  3. Continue holding the button until the light flashes orange and white. Let go the button when you see the orange light.
  4. The light will then go onto flash green when the process is complete and the product is ready to be set up.

Add the Playbar back to your original system by opening the Sonos App and going to “Settings/System/Add Product”

Hope you manage to get it working. 👍


Thanks Ken.

I tried resetting this a couple more times (my button is isn’t the “join” nor “play/pause”, but “mute”). No go. Will probably try a couple more times just because that’s about all I can do at the moment.

If you have not done this, try adding PLAYBAR while using a wired network connection. It is possible that the wireless car has failed and a wired connection will at least get you going again.


Also, I recommend editing your post and removing the serial number. Other than telling us that your unit was manufactured in November of 2013, it serves no useful purpose here, but gives a potential data pint to a hacker.

Thanks Buzz. I already tried resetting with a wired connection, many times. Nothing.

I can’t seem to see a way to edit my post to remove the serial #, but thanks.

In bottom right corner of your post hover over the three dots.

Mother nature is never fair. Overall, I haven’t seen many posts about PLAYBAR failure. So far, most have been complaints about a high frequency noise emanating from the unit, not the speakers.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot. Due to the Community software, we cannot edit the first post in a discussion.