Playbar starts playing music after turning TV off

  • 17 December 2016
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I use my Playbar (and connected Sub, and Play 1s) for my TV (Panasonic 65DX902B) but occasionally I play music on the system from my iPhone 6s using the Sonos App.

Every now and again (probably 1 time in 10) after switching the TV off the system will start playing the music I last played... even if that music was weeks ago and even if the iPhone isn't at home and therefore not on the same network. It starts usually about 10 mins after turning the TV off. I can stop it from the iOS App, by selecting "TV" or I can stop it playing by clicking the Play/Pause button.

The weird thing is it's not consistent, so if I had to press a button every time I turned the TV off, that would be a pain, but because it's not consistent, I never do anything... I switch the TV off, go to bed, then get woken up by whatever I last played 10 mins later (I go to sleep quickly! 🙂 )

Can anyone help please? 🙂

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10 replies

10 minutes after turning off the TV is when the PLAYBAR automatically stops playing the TV source.

There's no way that it should revert to playing any tracks in the queue, and apparently being able to play phone-resident tracks when the phone's not even on the network makes no sense.

Keep a note of when it does this, and submit a diagnostic as soon as possible thereafter. Post the confirmation number here, with the date/time of the incident.
What is the phantom music's source? (local tracks? a music service? Tracks stored on a phone or pad?)

Thank you for your replies... It's JUST (5 mins ago) done it again. I switched the TV off 15 mins ago and then BOOM!... Funkadelic starts playing (there are worse things to happen)

Just to answer "buzz"... I'm using my iPhone but it's streaming from a Synology NAS drive which is local... I assumed the iPhone was the "conduit" for the music, but the only logical explanation to the iPhone being absent is either it's "cached" on the Playbar?!?!? or the iPhone isn't in the middle and the stream comes straight from the NAS drive once it's initiated.

The system diagnostics confirmation number is 6886518

many, many thanks again!
Hi - just on one point. The controller app is indeed just a controller and the stream does not go through the phone but, as you say, goes direct from the source to the speaker. That at least explains why the phone's presence is irrelevant to what happens.

Is there any way the stream you are hearing has been initiated from the Synology NAS Audio Station, rather than from the Sonos app at all? My Synology Diskstation can do this and maybe there is an active stream lurking in the background somewhere?

As John B states, in most cases SONOS player fetches its own music and the controllers cannot play anything. The controllers simply give the player(s) a task list. Controllers can be shut down after the music starts. The exception is when you are pushing content stored on a phone or pad ("On this Phone").

After the phantom starts playing, check with a controller to see where the track originates. Is it a track from your local library (on the Synology)? The TV? A music service? I ask this obvious question because the TV might be sending something to PLAYBAR if you have PLAYBAR set to "TV Autoplay". Some TV's can pull music from network devices.

Check to make sure that there are no SONOS alarms set.

Yes, there is a small cache in PLAYBAR, but it is only large enough for part of a track.

SONOS staff has access to the diagnostic data, regular community members do not.

Finally, John B's suggestion that the Synology is initiating play could be true. While SONOS is not DLNA compliant, it is possible for a DLNA device to recognize a SONOS device as a "Player" and to start a SONOS player and play from the SONOS Queue. I have a Synology and I have all of the "Apps" disabled because they are not needed for SONOS. SONOS simply fetches files from the Synology and the drive has no idea why SONOS wants the file.
Thanks again for all the replies, I really appreciate your time and effort. It is starting to make more sense... at least the "iPhone wasn't present" weirdness :)

I do have the Playbar set to "TV Autoplay" and I don't have any alarms set and the music is definitely coming from my library of AAC files on the Synology not a music service.

The suggestion that the Synology is pushing the data makes perfect sense, apart from the fact it's always started after the TV goes off, or more specifically when data from the optical cable has stopped... and only the Playbar knows when this has happened?!??!

I'm going to do some more experimenting here, but what is the best way to get the diagnostic in front of SONOS staff?
You can post a diagnostic here. But next time it happens leave the music playing and log into the Synology control panel and see what is going on in Audio Station
I'm going to do some more experimenting here, but what is the best way to get the diagnostic in front of SONOS staff?
As well as posting a diagnostic number for Sonos Support, if you're interested in doing some digging yourself go to http://x.x.x.x:1400/status/perf where x.x.x.x is the PLAYBAR's IP address from About My Sonos System. Look at the topmost lines in AVT Play Log (they're in reverse chronological order), and they'll indicate what track was playing and who or what started it.

Paste, say, the top half of AVT Play Log here if you wish.
It appears to be the Synology starting it!!??!

1092641.320: state = PAUSED_PLAYBACK
1092641.279: upnp = pause() [ Linux UPnP/1.0 Sonos/34.7-35162c (ZPS9)]
1092606.266: state = PLAYING
1092605.348: state = TRANSITIONING
1092605.332: upnp = play() [ Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.18]
1092605.325: track =
1092605.325: avt =
1092603.444: state = STOPPED
1092458.181: state = PLAYING
1092457.288: state = TRANSITIONING
1092457.270: upnp = play() [ Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.18]
1092457.264: track =
1092457.264: avt =
1092454.335: state = STOPPED
1092160.451: state = PLAYING
1092159.280: state = TRANSITIONING
1092159.263: upnp = play() [ Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.18]
1092159.255: track =
1092159.255: avt =
1092121.501: state = STOPPED
1092121.501: track =
1092121.501: avt =
1090940.177: track = x-sonos-htastream:RINCON_5CAAFDA49F2C01400:spdif
1090940.177: avt = x-sonos-htastream:RINCON_5CAAFDA49F2C01400:spdif
1090939.989: job = autoplay(alarm=0) [ Linux UPnP/1.0 Sonos/34.7-35162c (ZPS9)]
1090923.313: state = PLAYING
1090922.394: state = TRANSITIONING
1090922.375: upnp = play() [ Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.18]
1090922.368: track =
1090922.368: avt =
1090919.421: state = STOPPED
1090757.443: state = PLAYING
1090756.572: state = TRANSITIONING
1090756.551: upnp = play() [ Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.18]
1090756.522: track =
1090756.522: avt =
1090719.753: state = STOPPED
1090719.753: track =
1090719.753: avt =
1085158.550: state = PLAYING
It should be possible to disable the Audio Station "app', and then the problem should go away