playbar sound glitchy when playing from tv optical output

  • 4 September 2015
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Apologies for the new post for what looks to be an issue reported prevously. I have had the playbar for 3 weeks now, since I had it the sound dropped out intermittently seemingly after a random time period, usually between 1 an 3 minutes. since yesterday the sound now is permanently crackling and dropping out, basically unlistenable. It streams audio from the net and my nas perfectly. I have checked the fibre optic and it seems fine, I cleaned both ends and the tv connection, still the same issues! So I am after your assistance.

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20 replies

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Welcome to the community tgholmes27. That sounds like a problem with the optical cable or connections so it's good to check the cable as you have. Is that cable bent overly much? Optical cables can break if bent too extremely. Also, do you happen to have another one you can test with?

Is the PLAYBAR wired directly to the TV or to another device in them middle?

Do you have any other device with an optical output you can connect to the PLAYBAR temporarily to see how it plays?

I'd also like to take a look at a diagnostic from the system. Can you please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?

Also, I'm going to move this thread over to the Troubleshooting board for you.
Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your quick reply, I have performed the diagnostic, the reference is 4872538. I do have another cable to have a go with someplace. I will try it when I find it.
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Thanks. At the time of the diagnostic was the PLAYBAR trying to play from the TV and cutting out? If not, can you try that and send a new one?
No it wasn't. Here is a diagnostic with it playing and cutting out 4872578
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This one definitely shows the PLAYBAR cutting out on the optical connection. The unit is seeing an extremely bad signal and the muting so it doesn't play something horrible, and that cycles constantly. So most likely you're looking at a bad cable. Once we've tested the cable, it's either a problem with the port on the TV or the port on the PLAYBAR.

If you have another speaker with an optical input you can test that. Otherwise, you could hook the CONNECT's optical output to the PLAYBAR and play music to the CONNECT alone. It should play through to the PLAYBAR using the optical output.
I am also having issues with my sound bar cutting out. Hooked to a brain between it and a Samsung UHDTV. Reference number: 4886849
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I am also having issues with my sound bar cutting out. Hooked to a brain between it and a Samsung UHDTV. Reference number: 4886849

Thanks for starting with that diagnostic. You're PLAYBAR is displaying the same errors as above, likely an issue with the cable or where it's plugged in. Can you test a different optical cable or a different device to connect the PLAYBAR to?
I plugged it into the cable box directly and it seems to not be skipping. This is obviously not and ideal solution.
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I plugged it into the cable box directly and it seems to not be skipping. This is obviously not and ideal solution.

Not ideal, but it lets us know the problem is either the optical port that cable was plugged into, or something with the data coming from that device. What was the "brain" you mentioned that the PLAYBAR was wired into?

When you have the PLAYBAR wired to the cable box, go to Settings > About Sonos and check under the PLAYBAR what the audio format it's playing is. Then do the same thing when wired to the other device. Do they show the same thing?

You might have a bad optical port on that device, which would explain this sort of behavior. Do you have another speaker with an optical input you can use to test that port with?
It's a "One Connect" box. The audio out of the cable box is Stereo, the TV is Dobly Digital. Other options for TV is PCM and DTS Neo 2:5. Dolby Digital Comp is "RF" with option of "Line". I have a Play 3 I could try.
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Unfortunately the PLAY:3 doesn't have an optical input on it. Can you configured the One Connect to send stereo only from the optical output? It'd help check trouble with the optical port itself.

Edit: Can you check if that model is the JS 8500 or a different model number?
Wondering if this got resolved and what the solution was. I have a Samsung JS 8500 4k tv and the sound breaks up intermittently. It's very frustrating. Brand new TV and Sonos surround system !!
I have the same issue with my JS8500. I'm on my second TV and the issue remains. It will just intermittently cut out audio for a couple seconds and then come back. Does not happen when plugged into the audio out of the FIOS box, just when the playbar is plugged into the Samsung mini hub.
I had my cable company out the other day (Rogers) and there is a known issue about the sound cutting out with the Nextbox 3.0 which is made by CIsco. Apparently Rogers have known about this issue for a year and it still continues but they are working hard to resolve it - apparently not hard enough!! So in my case at least, i don't think the TVis the issue as the sound is amazing from my Roku, DVD or even Netflix through the smart TV. When i asked the tech if Bell box had same issue he said no, it's Cisco Nextbox 3.0 (and it seems it's just some of them). I am going to trade PVR in for a new one and see if it helps (he said in some cases that worked). I had also read that replacing the HDMI cable to HDMI 2.0 had solved the problem for some people - it did not solve my issue though.
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Thanks for reporting back to us, MBG. I'll be monitoring the situation here just to stay updated on what's happening with this.
Same issue: sound cuts out intermittently with Samsung JS8500 (most sold tv of 2015). I have replaced the one connect, replaced the optical cables and replaced the sound bar but nothing changed - clearly a software issue and customer support hasn't been able to fix it.

Sound issue goes away if tv sound is changed to stereo and issue only pops up when in Dolby Digital mode.

Sonos - when I spoke with you on the phone you made it sound like my issue was a surprise and an isolated issue. Looking online it seems this is not so and I feel a bit deceived.

Let's get this figured out already?
I have the same issue, is there any update on this ?

sonos drops audio for a second randomly while watching tv.
The sonos input comes from my tv via optical, when watching tv.
When I turn down optical out, and play sound over tv speakers, there is no issue.
A temporary work-around (until Sonos & Samsung get their products to work correctly together) is to turn off Dolby Digital and use PCM. Bring up the menu screen, select sound, select additional settings (sub-menu), select audio format and select PCM setting.
Thanks David, will check what i can set (got an LG UF850V), don't have actual hope it will be solved, since i noticed these drop outs are here for years now looking at google findings and these type of forums.....anyway will see if your suggestion works for me, thanks.
Any news regarding this issue?