Playbar Sound Drop-outs from Over-the-Air signal

  • 28 March 2017
  • 5 replies

Occasional sound drop outs for about one second on OTA tv reception. Does not occur from internet music or wifi music. Get an error code in diagnostics but Sonos states it is not necessarily Sonos problem???

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5 replies

Yea, I'd bet. It probably means there's some sort of interruption in the feed that the TV is giving to the Playbar. Basically, the playbar just interprets the data stream, and if there's any deviation, be it a drop out or a poorly configured data stream, it will stop playing until it receives a valid signal. One of the hallmarks of a bad signal is first and foremost the dropping of audio, followed by pixellation of the screen if it gets bad enough. Not noticeable with stereo, since it's encoded in a different place in the stream, so your TV may not reflect it when on it's own speakers.

Things that I'd try on your TV would be to check if there might be a firmware update that could be applied, followed by checking the audio settings to be sure that you've got it "locked down" to Dolby Digital.

Beyond that, I don't have any significant suggestions other than looking at better antenna placement, since it's over the air.
Problem: replaced my Bose T20 Home Theater which used Dolby 5.1 via same optical cable and antenna which never had sound dropouts. Also Sonos diagnostic returned a confirmation number that indicated a sound problem. I will insist on a replacement if problem persists.
Well, that's interesting information that wasn't in your post. It seems as though you're not really interested in any attempts to assist you, so I'll wish you well.
Are you a Sonos employee? Obviously I am interested in solving as are many people on this site. I'm concerned that Sonos is trying to deflect responsibility for a possible defective product/design by trying to lay fault elsewhere such as the tv. Again that problem didn't exist with my Bose system. That said I wish you the best too.
No dropouts yesterday for about 6 hours of continuous operation via tv viewing after I toggled the Sonos, tv, and Tivo off Dolby 5.1 and back to Dolby 5.1.