Playbar sound cutting out

My Sonos playbar connected directly to my TV through an optics cable keeps cutting out randomly from anywhere between 2 seconds to 10 seconds. Any help as to how to stop this?

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Just for clarity... When play the TV audio, or music audio, or both?
Only when it is on TV audio as it doesn't seem to happen when using it for music
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oh.. now that does seem strange... I was sincerely hoping you were going to say both, or music, and I'd have pointed you to potential networking IP issues where you would want to force your network to reallocate IP addresses to clean up any duplicates (Shutting everything on your network off (computers,phones, everything) and powering pack up startring with the modem and router), or a number of alternatives to fix wireless signal noise/congestion issues...

Some others in the community may be able to provide a few ideas... To help, it may be helpful for some to know the make/model of your TV and what source you have going into it when you experience the issue.

I would strongly recommend you go to the Sonos app when you are experiencing the issue and use the "submit a diagnostic", record the number, and post it back here so the Sonos Staff can look at it, that may give them indicators as to the source of the problem. Hope you get it sorted soon.
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Can you provide the details of the audio settings you have available and selected for your TV output? PCM? DolbyDigital? (Fixed Vs variable)and specifically the source?

It will help to potentially determine the source of what may be causing the dropouts...
I have a Sony Bravia TV and I have the setting on the TV to Dolby Digital and set to the audio speakers and not TV speakers. I connect the play bar to the TV using an optical cable.
Has there been a resolution to this? I literally just purchased my playbar yesterday and it's cutting out about once every couple of minutes. It's extremely annoying and almost making me regret my purchase. I have submitted diagnostics and was given confirmation number 7190585. Thanks.
Hey everyone. I have been reading many posts from people with the same issue dating back a few years ago even. I too have a brand-new TV, and brand-new play bar, sub, and two Play 1's connected to it. I too am having sound kick out issues when watching TV. No matter the source, Netflix or my cable provider, every now and then the audio just stops. Usually it is only for half a second or so. Sometimes it is permanent. When playing music, there are never issues. Very frustrating indeed.
jmarchand, perhaps if you were to submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, the folks at Sonos would have some data with which they could help you resolve this issue.
Thanks for the tip. I did submit a diagnostic, but did not record a number or make a formal support request. I will do that now. Thanks again.
Sure thing. Hope it helps, support here on the boards has been sporadic of late. You may want to try another form of contact, look at for other venues.