Playbar - Sonos One SL - Surround Stopped Working

  • 10 April 2022
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We are using a Playbar connected with 2 x One SL in a surround setup on 2.4Ghz. 
The setup has been working well, but time to time the sound disappears in the One SL. 
However I can pause/play the sound on the Playbar from the button on the SL.

Sometimes it helps rebooting both router and Sonos devices, but now I am not able to get sound in the SL’s. 
I have also tried to remove the surround setting from the Playbar and reconfigure. 
Nothing helped. 
I have sent diagnostics with the ticket: 1679645150

Best Regards Martin


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2 replies

When playing, the surrounds will communicate directly with your Playbar over a 5Ghz Ad-hoc wireless connection, so ensure the WiFi is ‘ON’ on each of the players… see this LINK and check that there isn’t anything in between/nearby that may interfere with the wireless connection (other Wifi products, Bluetooth device, vase of water/flowers or baby monitor etc.)

If issues persist, then I would chat/contact Sonos Support Staff via this LINK with your diagnostic report reference to see if there might be a hardware issue.


The problem was not that the devices was not on WiFi. All devices could be reached on my mesh device. 
I had connection to all devices and WiFi was enabled. 
After a support session with Sonos we located the issue after analyzing diagnostics and setup. 
My setup is (simplified): Router → Mesh → WiFi / LAN → Managed Switch

At some point one of my Play:1 was wired to a managed swich and accourding to Sonos support the devices are not “happy” with that setup. 
I needed to connect a device as close as possible to the router (wired setup) to create a stable SonosNet. 
Therefore I connected my Playbar direcly to the router and all other devices connected to SonosNet and surround speakers worked again. 
Best Regards Martin