Playbar not available in App

My playbar is directly connected to my TV and plays sound from the TV without any issues. I cannot find the playbar in my app as the "room" designated for the playbar no longer appears in the app. I have reset the router (2), I have disconnected power to the playbar (2), I have tried to re-add the playbar numerous times, but can never get the flashing green light. I submitted a diagnostic: 907214552
Any help would be appreciated.

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If the unit has been added to your system before you won't always get a green flashing light. What happens if you proceed as though you did have one?

Is this your only Sonos player?
If I proceed, the app eventually says that it could not find my device. I'm not sure of the actual language in that error message, but I can find out.

I have the playbar and i have a Sonos Connect that is hooked up to an amp that powers speakers all throughout the house and outside. Individual volume controls are installed in each room, so the system plays the same thing in each room and I just turn up the volume in the rooms i want to use. So, i had two "rooms" setup in my app. 1 was the TV (playbar), and the other was "house music". House music is still there, but the playbar is no longer in the app.
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I suggest that you contact Sonos Tech support.
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I would try plugging it via ethernet cable to router and see if it updates and adds back.
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Hey there, Westsdaj. Thanks for posting and sharing your diagnostic report.

Chris wrote:

I would try plugging it via ethernet cable to router and see if it updates and adds back.

Great suggestion, Chris.

After giving this a go, Westsdaj, let us know if the Playbar comes back up. If the Playbar isn't able to be easily plugged into the network, the Connect can be plugged into the router instead. Thanks!
Today I opened the app and Sonos asked me to do an update. Then said that it noticed some Sonos components weren’t on my account. Then walked me thru adding the playbar to my account. Worked like a charm!


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