Playbar making thumping/clicking/popping sound

  • 5 August 2017
  • 33 replies

When streaming video on Netflix and Prime the Playbar has started making a periodic thumping/clicking/popping sound. Any ideas how to fix?

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33 replies

Mine started today and I've been on hold for 45 min. I've tried everything that was mentioned in this thread. Did Sonos ever post a resolution? As I mentioned in my previous post, if you own a Samsung TV with one connect, you will need to download the newest firmware for your tv. It fixed my thumping sound completely. The newest version is only available as a usb flash drive download.
Mine started today and I've been on hold for 45 min. I've tried everything that was mentioned in this thread. Did Sonos ever post a resolution?
Downloaded the newest Samsung firmware update 1230 for my MU8000 tv and it fixed my thumping sound issue!! It is only available as a USB flash drive update through the Samsung website. Not one single thump or crackle since!!
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Hello everyone. Thanks for posting about this. In most cases regarding audio quality like buzzing, popping or crackling, you want to first test the player with another audio source. If the issues persist, the best course of action is to then give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time. They will be able to replace the speaker if deemed necessary.
Also running into the same issue. Netflix and through Samsung QLED screen. Pops like it is gonna blow.

Diagnostic: 1745614577
I'm also having the same problem just started today been using this set up for a long time.
Thanks Keith, the Fire TV is really the only device we have connected other than playing music via the Sonos App, Spotify, etc... The Playbar was recently mounted onto the wall below the Samsung TV. We are using Google Wifi but plugging the Playbar in directly isn't really a reasonable solution for us.

While the Fire TV is the only device we use, the content causing this issues seems exclusive to Amazon Prime content. I don't believe I've experienced the same issue when streaming Hulu or Netflix.

I'm unsure of what the electrical disturbance might be. We recently moved and the playbar used to simply sit on a mantle and now is mounted on the wall using the Sonos Playbar mounting kit. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Hey there, tommyroblinson. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Does this only happen when using Amazon Fire TV or does this happen regardless of the content source? Additionally, I am seeing quite a number of Physical errors pointing to the PLAYBAR. This normally means that something in the immediate surroundings of the PLAYBAR is causing enough of an electronic disturbance that it is preventing the PLAYBAR from communicating with the surrounds. Can you describe the surroundings of the PLAYBAR?

I noticed you are using Google WiFi. Have you tried plugging one of your Sonos devices into the main router unit for your system?
I’m receiving what seem to be similar issues. The noise sounds like that awful sound when your plugging head phones into an audio source while it’s already playing music.

I have a Samsung TV that I’ve just bought new and I’m watching TV through an Amazon Fire TV. streaming amazon prime 4K (Sneaky Pete)

Playbar is connected to TV via digital output and TV Sound is set to external only. I’ve submittted diagnostics: 520016438
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Hey there, grajan22. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I would recommend giving our support technicians a call to troubleshoot in real time and so our technicians can get a closer look. Thanks again!
Same noise appears on my playbar from today. The sound is like water drops popping on a table. One pop every 0.5 second or so (2Hz). Seems to be constant frequency. The volume comes and goes, and is also related to the Volume on my Samsung TV. I.e. higher popping when higher Volume on the TV.
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Nothing in the diagnostic report explains what you are describing (clicks and popping). Your best bet is to give us a call and troubleshoot in real time with a technician.
Did the diagnostic number not give you enough information to proceed?
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Understood. It may be a good idea to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot in real time. They are able to get a closer look at what's happening and get you sorted.
It’s a thumping noise, almost sounds as if my Playbar is going to blow out.This happens when I have the TV on, don’t remember it happening when I am listening to Spotify.
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Hi there, Jeeezys. Thanks for posting and for submitting a diagnostic report. Can you describe the sound you are hearing during playback? Does this happen only on TV Audio or does this happen on all audio coming through the PLAYBAR? The more detail you give, the better I can assist. Thanks for clarifying.
Having same issue. Diagnostic submitted.
Connected to Samsung 4K 55 via optical.

I occasionally get the same issue. It seems that if i unplug everything and start everythinf back up it works. It may be my tv.
Similar issue except mine sounds more like a random surge or power surge, lasts a second or less. I have a playbar, sub and two play5s. As someone else mentioned - intense and disturbing.
Also have only noticed it only seems to happen when watching Netflix via Roku. Roku connection is HDMI to samsung 65 inch tv (2014 led model) and optical from tv to playbar.
I am gaving the same issue on my samsung tv.
Same here... Netflix via LG Tv or via Apple TV. Clicking, popping intermittent sound breaks!!!!
I uploaded another diagnostic when the problem was occurring. Using Netflix via a fire tv connected with an optical cable.

Dolby digital 5.1 playback.

I started experiencing this same issue immediately after an update from sonos. It only occurs during certain audio playback. Mostly Netflix from my amazon fire tv. I am connected via optical audio to my toshiba tv. This started a few months ago and went away with one of the updates but has since returned with another. I submitted a diagnostic with information.

Diagnostic: 8298077

PLAYBAR: Living Room
Serial Number: B8-E9-37-71-5A-B8:0
Version: 8.2.2 (build 39448021)
Hardware Version:
IP Address:
Audio In: Silence
WM: 1
Hello, I do not have a Sonos Soundbar but I am experiencing the Thumping Noise coming out of my Vizio SB4251 sound bar using with Samsung QF7 TV. Happens when watching "Live TV or recorded shows from Tivo Bolt+. At this point I think it's the Samsung firmware.
I'd point back to the Sonos employee's post where he said "can you post a diagnostic in there and we'll take a look."