Playbar fading-cutting our coming back

All of the sudden today when listening to music (both iPhone music and iHeartRadio) the music fades out, is gone, and then kicks back in a few seconds later. This is happening on my playbar. Nothing has changed with the setup in months yet today this has occurred multiple times. The play bar is connected to my Samsung tv and I control music on it via sonos app.

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Some more details...this is not happening when watching tv on the playbar (directtv). The direct tv wireless video bridge is about 2.5 feet away from playbar but has been for months with no issue. I have a high end wireless router covering my house with good signal and speed in living room
I'm wondering if there's someone else who has installed a new router near you that might be causing some wifi interference. Have you tried changing the wifi channel on your router, to see if that helps?


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