Playbar audio drops out

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I have the same problem as well - sound cuts out for half a second during movies when there is a particularly loud sound e.g. gunshot, explosion.

Have also tried changing channels and have bought a new optical cable, but it makes no difference. It's really frustrating - please help!
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The channel was 6 originally and I did try changing to channel 11 with no change. I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it at all. I have also tried multiple optical cables. I tend to agree with John for the most part.
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Gordon M
This issue is being reported in many threads. One that I have been following has been archived and is not visible to community members, even though the followers are still commenting on this issue. I have been suffering the same issue for several months and recently gave up trying to resolve it as the conclusion from Sonos support teams is that the issue is due to lots of HD broadcasts being in Dolby Digital Plus which is not fully supported by the playbar. The only way is to downgrade to stereo which defeats the point of investing in a high end surround system.
I am starting to think that there is a real problem here that SONOS are hiding by archiving threads. With the DTS problem from BluRay and the DD+ issue from Netflix and HD channels, there are not many sources left that the Playbar supports. 
What are SONOS going to do with all these problems from a complete lack of correct product development.
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Hello Tony,

In the case that this may be coming from interference, could you change the wireless channel your Sonos is operating on? The following Answers page describes how to do this:

If the issue persists you may want to try replacing the optical cable that connects the TV and your PLAYBAR.