Playbar and Sub-dropping sound on loud volune

  • 15 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Having a problem with our playbar and sub dropping out when the volume is turned up. This occurs with the sub or without. I've changed the channel on wifi network. It happens when playing Spotify or other music, as well as when watching cable TV or watching movies. Netflix and cable tv are wired, where music is streamed over wifi. Any suggestions? Sometimes I can fix it by switching from TV sound to music streaming (or vice versa) and sometimes not. I'm ready to return the system if this can't be fixed.

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3 replies

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HI misegelaz,

Welcome to the Sonos community,

I assure you that once you have sorted out your network problems your Sonos system will be rock solid.

We need some more info.

What Sonos products do you have? What router do you have? Do you have one of your Sonos products hard wired to your to your router?

Aslo it would be good to run a diagnostic and post the number here so a Sonos rep can pull your report.

Hi CapnLes,

I've just submitted diagnostics- confirmation #7306540. We have the playbar and sub in our living room. It is connected to our Samsung TV using an optical cable. Our cable router is the Arris Touchstone T62472 which has both 5g and 2.4g and we have a WAP in the ceiling. The Sonos is not hard wired to the router. I believe the sonos is connected to the 2.4 Ghz

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for the details Melissa, it sounds like it'd be best to give us a call on our support line as there may be an issue with that PLAYBAR. They'll help take a closer look to confirm and assist with the next steps.