Playbar and Play:1 Sound from TV Cuts in and Out

  • 19 January 2017
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I have a Samsung UN46D8000 television connected to the Playbar outputting PCM (the Samsung doesn't allow any other option in this setup). I also have a Play:1 in the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom and a Sonos Bridge to connect the devices. Music through Pandora plays through all devices fine, but sound from the TV (Netflix) will cut in and out on the Play:1, despite working fine on the Playbar. The sound will go out on just the Play:1 for a second or so, then come back. It will do this randomly as movies or shows are playing, sometimes several times in the span of a few minutes, other times it will be half and hour or and hour before the sound goes out.

What I've tried:
Resetting router, bridge, speakers.
Changing wireless channel
Updating TV firmware
Moving Kitchen Play:1 to the other side of the room (more direct path between Bridge and Play:1
Moving Bridge further from router (they were sitting on top of each other, are now as far away as ethernet cable allows)

Any help with this situation?

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1 reply

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Hi kjhinds, welcome to the community. It sounds like you have that PLAY:1 grouped in with the PLAYBAR rather than two PLAY:1s in surround mode with it. What this means is that the PLAYBAR is using 2.4GHz to talk to the PLAY:1. We use 2.4GHz to stream digital music from the app around your house, because it has quite good range and quite decent speed. However, the sheer amount of raw data coming through the optical cable to the PLAYBAR is too much to reliably stream over 2.4GHz. The PLAYBAR does not have a way of applying any encoding or compression to this data so it's really much more bandwidth-intensive than you might think. When we add PLAY:1s as surround speakers, they start talking on 5GHz, which can carry much more data, so it works. Without having the PLAY:1s in surround mode, you will get problems with the TV sound. Have a look on our article here about setting up your PLAY:1s in surround mode.