Playbar and CUJO firewall

  • 6 November 2017
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I use a CUJO firewall for security. I have never had any issues until I switched to FIOS internet. Now I have a hard time connecting my sonos app to WiFi. It’s Complicated. After talking to all three tech supports ( Sonos, Fios and CUJO) they all blame each other and I the idiot stuck in the middle. Does anyone have a solution or advise? Thank you.

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6 replies

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So here's a test. Take the CUJO firewall out of the equation. Most routers have their own basic firewalls anyway. Yeah, it may not be as thorough, but for a temporary test, it should be fine. So without the CUJO firewall, you have your Verizon router and your Sonos devices that connect to the WiFi from your Verizon router. Are there any problems with this setup?

Give that a try and report back. If you still have problems, try wiring one of your Sonos devices to your Verizon router, if that's possible. See what happens then.
Thanks Mike. I will try that and report back
I have a pair of Sonos One's and have used a Cujo firewall between my ISP router and an Apple router for wifi. Never had any issues like this in the past, but when I added the Sonos speakers my player repeatedly stops and I get a number of different errors about encoding issues or losing connection to music sources. Taking Cujo out of my network solved the problem. When I contacted Cujo support they had me disable Cujo protection for the Sonos speakers, which I tried but I still have the issue. They are now suggesting changes in my ISP provided router, which I'm hesitant to do as I have never had an issues with my ISP router and Cujo until I added Sonos. So pulling Cujo out of my network solved my problem.
Thank you Mike. I assumed there is an incompatibility issue between Sonos and CUJO. If I understand you correctly, the only way you have solved the problem is to dump CUJO. Have you tried wiring Sonos directly to the WiFi router? Mark
I have not tried ethernet connections to the speakers. Based on the layout of my space, this wouldn't work well for me.
Gotcha. Thanks for your help.