Playbar and connect amp failure

  • 23 January 2017
  • 1 reply

Have tried to configure these together. Connect amp now disappeared from app and playbar cuts out regularly and no surround sound - help

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1 reply

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Hi and welcome to the community!

Sooo a few details may be helpful... I'm going to make an assumption that you have a Sonos PlayBar and the Connect:Amp and nothing else... but they are connected to your router by wifi. If any of these assumptions are incorrect, the following recommendations for troubleshooting may not be helpful... :)

These type of challenges typically occur as a result of wifi networking challenges - particularly hinted at by the PlayBar cutting out intermittently. I do think we can work down that path to improve your wifi connection of the Sonos Units... BUT before we do that:

Are you wanting / expecting to use the Connect:Amp as surround speakers as part of a bonded set so for video they are side speakers? or just as a stereo pair of speakers that you can group or ungroup for music? If you are expecting to add them as surrounds... then you need a wired path from the playbar to the Connect:Amp (playbar to router, router to Connect:Amp works) ... the reason for this is that when playing the audio for video sync... the Playbar connects to the sub and surrounds using 5Ghz networking for the increased communication speeds... but the Connect:Amp apparently does not have a 5Ghz wifi radio.... So needs a wired path for the A/V sync when playing video audio.

Now... if you are simply wanting to group the two devices to play synced audio.... each device connects to your router via a 2.4Ghz wifi connection. I would start with ensuring each device clearly has a unique IP address on your network (maybe Connect:Amps challenge) by shutting off ALL wifi network devices, your router and modem. Power up your modem, then router, then switches (if any) then each device in sequence and they will each get assigned new unique IP addresses from your router. make sure you keep any wireless devices and portable house phones and baby monitors, etc away from your wifi router.... and hopefully the path to the Playbar and Connect:Amp from the Router isn't all that convoluted and challenging (e.g. going through steel walls and mirrors and stone... etc...)

Hope this helps with your troubleshooting....

Reply back if you have more questions or this doesn't help you at all....