• 9 October 2017
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I'm getting audio drop outs on my PlayBar+Sub. This happens when plugged into my TV and I've tried the optical in my PS4 with the same issue. I also get audio drop outs when streaming music from Spotify. This has been happening for a few weeks now, I was part of the recent v8 beta programme, which I reported but didn't get a resolution in time before the beta closed.

I've submitted a diagnostic report #7930978

Some other observations - both the PlayBar and sub are hardwired to the network. If I run both the PlayBar and Sub wirelessly, I cannot pair the Sub to it. I can pair the Sub to my Play1's without issue. Only by connecting the PlayBar and Sub to hardwired will they pair.

I have tried with the Sub powered off, but the PlayBar still drops out.

I have left my Sub hardwired and my PlayBar wireless. I can pair the Sub with a wireless Play1 but I cannot pair the wireless PlayBar with the wired Sub. I get an error in the app "Audio Setup Problem - Your sound cannot be optimised at the time, use 'Recalibrate Audio' in the setting menu. However the Sub isn't paired to allow me to optimise.


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1 reply

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jewkesy: Thanks for reaching out and for the diagnostic report. If you are still experiencing this, the first thing we will want to dig into is your local network. What is the make and model of the router you are using? Do you have any extenders or switches? A fresh diagnostic report will also be most helpful.