Playback stops all the time!!

  • 31 December 2018
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We have 3 Play:1 speakers in our Gift/Coffee Shop, plus a bridge and recently the playback has been awful.
It jumps a lot as if the internet connection drops, or skips songs half way through - it's like music statues for the customers!
We've reset the system a few times over the past couple of months and sometimes this has worked - other times it hasn't and then occasionally one of the speakers won't join the group.

Any help would be great - it's driving us mad!!

(F.A.O Sonos team - diagnostic report number 406491282)

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3 replies

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Why does the internet connection drop - that definitely will make the it drop.

What channel is your Sonosnet on vs. your router?
The internet doesn't actually drop, it just plays as if it has and playback stops/skips regularly - but the internet connection is fine. On the app is says we are on Channel 1. It brings up the options for 6 or 11 as alternatives - should I try a different one? Thanks for your reply!
What channel is your normal wifi on? It should be a different one than the Sonos is on. So, as you say you're on Channel 1 on Sonos, your regular wifi should be on 6 or 11.

Since you're in a potentially volatile wifi area, you may want to also take a gander at the wifi interference FAQ.

FInally, it's possible (albeit somewhat unlikely) that you've got some duplicate IP address issues. Take a look at your router's manual, and make some time to set up reserved IP addresses for everything connected to the router, including the Sonos speakers.