Playback restart Issues

  • 2 April 2013
  • 1 reply

Since upgrading to the latest version 4 my internet radio playback must be restarted all the time.....any suggestions?

1 reply

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Hello Jackie, Please see the attached SONOS Answer. It covers steps to try when getting audio dropouts over SONOS. See if any of the recommendations help resolve the the radio dropping out. If none of the steps work then please follow the last step and run a diagnostic of your system please. Send the confirmation number for the diagnostic in your response. Also is this happening on all the stations or one or two in particular? Does this happen more when you use the system at night, the morning, or it doesn't matter? What station or stations is this happening with, or is it all of them? Answer Title: Music drops out or Sonos displays "Network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer" Answer Link: