Playback Issues since Software Update

  • 6 April 2017
  • 5 replies

I updated to the latest software version and since then I have had a problem playing tracks on my system. I will select the tracks to play and they sometimes begin (sometimes don't), and then while they are playing the audio will cut out for long stretches, after which I have to go into the app and stop\restart the playlist. In addition, when I try to group multiple rooms together it often won't respond and leaves the rooms as completely separate.

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5 replies

This is also happening to me since the software update yesterday. When I try to listen to Radio 2 it drops every few seconds and listening to streamed music is terrible as it keeps stopping then restarting and also jumping to the middle of the next track? I've submitted a diagnosis: Your confirmation number is: 7262467.
If I were to guess, the reboot involved in the update process has exposed issues in your wifi network, ending up with either interference or duplicate IP addresses in both of your systems. There are quite a few threads in these boards with similar concerns, as every time that Sonos updates the software, it forces a reboot of the speakers, and they do a new IP request.

If it's just interference, changing either / both (depending on how your system is set up) the router's broadcast channel and / or the Sonos Net channel would help. Stick to 1, 6 or 11, and make sure that each system, if you have both, isn't on the same channel. Make sure all devices aren't too close to the router, or any other wifi device, especially baby monitors, web cameras, etc.

If it's a duplicate IP causing your speaker to drop off the network and then re-attach, I'd recommend turning off all devices that connect to your wifi, as well as the router itself. Then bring the router back up, allowing it enough time to reboot. Then, one by one, go to each device and power it back on, allowing enough time for it to request an IP address before moving on to the next one.

You might want to think about reading the router's manual, and setting up reserved IP addresses for all of your speakers, it would help keep this issue from occurring again. You can find your speaker's IP addresses in Settings/About My Sonos System.

Finally, if none of this works, Shassi is a step ahead, as the diagnostic number has already been provided. Brown Bear, I'd recommend that you also submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, so that the folks from Sonos can have a slightly more informed look at your log files on your system, to see if there's something there.
Thank you for the advice Airgetlam, the power down and step by step reboot seems to have done the trick. I think I'll do this whenever there is another software update just in case! 🙂
Laugh. Glad it worked. Although you could avoid that by reserving those IP addresses, as I suggested. Takes a little extra effort to figure out the instructions in the router's manual, but once you *get* it, it makes good sense to do.
I will do 🙂