Playback issues from iPod music

  • 20 December 2013
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I have recently connected a Sonos Connect unit to my amp. It is connected directly to my router through an ethernet. The unit worked fine the first couple of days but as of this evening I have ran into a playback issue from my iPod. Some songs will not play from my iPod as the Connect unit does not support the file format. These same songs played on the unit only yesterday and they still play on the unit when i play them from my iMac. The are unprotected songs and like i say they did play from my iPod yesterday and they still play from my iMac today. Has anyone any ideas please?

1 reply

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I would suggest re-syncing your iPod with your Mac, if you haven't done so recently.  It would also be a good idea to turn the iPod off and back on again, just to see if the issue can be resolved via a quick reboot of the device.

If none of these work, I would suggest submitting a diagnostic and then replying back to this thread with the confirmation number so we can have a closer look.