Playback and connectivity issues

  • 23 September 2015
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Hi all, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but i can't find anything this new style forum at the moment...!

have been running latest beta software on PC and android and having massive dropouts and connectivity issues since install.

Can't find anywhere where beta testers can chat (can't find anything at the moment tbh) so wondered whether I am alone in this or is it a common problem?


4 replies

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There is not a chat but login your Sonos account on the main website. Then on the menu bar chose Beta. You will see beside the beta notes it says Submit and Incident. Submit there and they will get back with you. Or you could call the Sonos support line.

You could also submit a diagnostic from settings....advanced settings... and post it here and someone from Sonos can look at to rule out network issues.

You really shouldn't be having much for issues beta related. Sometimes however upgrades can get your network out of sorts. I would do the following (and I am assuming you have a Sonosnet network with a bridge unit hooked to your router).

1) Turn off All Sonos Units including bridge
2) make sure the bridge unit is at least 1-2 ft. away from router
3) reboot router
4) boot up the bridge unit. Once it is booted all the way turn on all the rest of your sonos units.

See if that solves your issues.

If you have any issues with a controller not finding your system report back the type controller and what issue is.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Chris and thanks for the reply.

I switched off the BTHH wifi to see whether this was the problem as I was getting spinning wheels on iPhone, android and cr200 this evening; made no difference.

Pulled the plug on the Sonos zone bridge just to see what happened when I switched it back on again (running on fixed ip's) a couple of zones have failed to return.

Will try the whole reboot thing tomorrow evening and see where that takes me.

Thanks again for the reply, it's much appreciated!


Ian, what you're doing is potentially making matters worse, if you restart your router you MUST restart everything else attached to it.
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Thanks LHC, I let my impatience and frustration get the better of me!

I'm going to perform a full reset tomorrow evening.

Am sure tomorrow that it will all be a simple network storm and my reboot will clear it...

I'm off to watch the rugby 😉