Play5 dropped 2m down on a tile floor...

  • 13 August 2017
  • 4 replies

Hi, our idiot contracted didn't look out and dropped a play5 (1st gen) 2m down on a tile floor. The play 5 has a small dent, and to its credit, the tile has a bigger dent...
It's a shame however that the play5 stopped working... if I connect it to power the white led starts blinking and just keeps doing that. There is no connection.
Any ideas?

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4 replies

Not offhand. You might contact Sonos directly ( and see what they might do, but as it's not a manufacturing fault, I wouldn't hold out much hope. I'd ask you idiot contracted (sic) to replace it.
Don't worry, I'm not holding sonos responsible for the fact that it doesn't work anymore or for the damage to my floor (damn you sonos with your sturdy well crafted and heavy speakers :P)

It will be replaced, but a part of me thought it wasteful to throw out an otherwise perfectly fine piece of tech... I was hoping somebody had an idea to put it to good use.
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There are one or two threads here where people have requested failed units. But it wouldn't hurt to call Sonos - They MAY offer you a refurbished unit at reduced price though a drop from 2m onto a hard floor is a significant trauma.

Can't hurt to try even if you are on hold for 40 minutes!
Well, it might make a great paperweight.... :)

Or you could chuck it at your contractor's head....