Play5 and change of wifi

  • 6 January 2017
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Hi. I'm having trouble connecting my (previously-set up) Play: 5 to my new wifi setup. I connected my Play 1 via a network cable and then that and my Playbar showed up. Now those two are connected fine, but I can't get the system to see my Play 5. I've tried to add it through the settings on the iOS app, where I press the two buttons together, but it never gets found.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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3 replies

Update: A factory reset a la a similar thread did the trick! 😃
I think I’ve hit this today, Is a factory reset the only option?
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Since the rest of your system is up and working you won't lose anything by doing a hard reset of the speaker and will probably be best to clear up issues.

Just factory reset it and go in and add it to your existing system like it was a new speaker.

oops - hold on your not the one that said your existing system is up and working. Do you currently have other Sonos speakers working in your system and you just need to add this one??

If this is your only Sonos speaker and no others are working you will loose your settings if hard reset. So I would avoid and tell us more about your issue to troubleshoot first.