Play1 sound/distortion issue - bass distortion

  • 12 February 2017
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I currently have 3x Play1 speakers - it's becoming really annoying as I can't get the sound right.

Firstly, I play a lot of dance music (techno tech house). I find that the speakers distort quite a bit in the bass.

I've tried using TruePlay but that doesn't help - I actually think it makes the distortion worse.

Turning TruePlay off is better, also turning off loudness is better. However, with these turned off (especially the loudness), the sound becomes very lacklustre and dull.

It's a real shame as when TruePlay and/or loudness is on, I can hear a noticeable improvement... apart from the distortion in the low end.

Am I missing something here? Is it a case that the Play1s just can take this kind of music?

Any advice appreciated here.

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