Play bar consistently muting every second time remote button is pressed.

  • 27 October 2016
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Just installed a new Play bar with a sub and we seem to have trouble being able to us it to its full potential, every time we change the channel the bar mutes, change volume mute and then un-mutes when a second button is pressed, extremely annoying when channel surfing.
Also we have to have Play bar volume turned up to MAX and then adjust the volume from the remote, also very frustrating when you want to play audio.. consistently changing the volumes.

Diagnostics Number is 6686461.

Things i have tried,
- Turned off nearly every Sonos component and then re-booted
- Remote control setup, twice
- Changed wireless channel
- Checked Op Audio cable is not pinched and correctly installed.
- Disabled Tv Speakers according to TV Manual

Hoping a Diagnostics test can tell me a little more info, looking forward to hearing back from you.

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3 replies

Hi. What make of TV and what type of remote? Some of the smart remotes (e.g. Samsung) are not really compatible with the Playbar, and strange things can happen when you attempt to use them.
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Hey Gambo, welcome to the community. The PLAYBAR recognizes the remote codes send from your IR remote for volume changes and muting and then acts on receiving the relevant code. It sounds like there might be something a little strange with that remote where a very similar code gets sent on each button press. I think it might be best to try to configure a different remote with the PLAYBAR via 'remote control setup' and see if you get the same problem with that.
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John B we are using the Tv remote to only turn On and Off the tv, we then use the Foxtel (cable tv) remote to navigate the channels and volume etc,
Tom, I have just swapped with another Foxtel remote and set it up twice still with the same problem occuring.