Play:5 suddenly stopped working over wifi

  • 19 November 2021
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Everything worked well till recently (eg yesterday), but as from this morning the Play:5 no longer seems to connect/work over wifi.


No change was done on wifi network, wifi coverage is excellent and all other devices appear to have no problem with wifi (including other Sonos products).


Resetting the Play:5, restaring the router, assigning a fixed IP address to the Play:5 or selecting another wifi network does not solve the issue.


When network cable is unplugged:

  • Play:5 no longer appears as available in the app ('System' page as well 'About My System')
  • Play:5 no longer plays any music (eg radio) when I press the play button
  • Play:5 appears in the Airplay list on my iPhone, but actual Airplay connection appears to fail
  • App function 'Find Missing Products' is unable to retrieve
  • App function 'Manage Networks' brings mixed results, only once out of several attempts I managed to get connected to wifi (router lists IP address) ... but the device did not end up in the 'System' page and after restart it was no longer connected

When network cable is plugged in:

  • Everything seems to work fine (visible in app & music plays)


Submitted support diagnostics => Confirmation number: 2094225582


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It sounds like the wireless card has gone bad. Contact Sonos Support:

Well it sounds like you have done the necessary troubleshooting - just to maybe assist you further, you may also be able to contact/chat to Sonos Support Staff via this LINK

Edit: Ah I now see @GuitarSuperstar beat me to it.👍

I recommend submitting a diagnostic while the PLAY:5 is wired and another while it is wireless. Allow the system a few minutes to work through the new communication scheme after making the network connection change before submitting the next diagnostic.