Play 5 stopped working Sonos has zero solutions or support

I have a gen 1 play 5 (purchased in 2014) that has worked flawlessly since purchase. It was never used heavily. Just recently it stopped working completely. Called customer service and they think the controls on top are not responding. Play 5 stopped showing up on my system, so I thought it was the WiFi card, but nothing works. Customer support’s only resolution is to buy a new one. Why not offer replacement or repair? I couldn’t be more upset with this support. I was just getting ready to add to my network with a new play 5 and sound bar. I’m so glad I didn’t make the updated purchase. If the play 5 is a brick after 5 years with zero support from Sonos, then why continue to invest. $100 a year for use is ridiculous. Sonos is a joke and there needs to be better solutions to fix your products.

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My Play 5 Gen 1, stopped working the "on light" disappeared and wouldn't reset. I contacted Sonos support and tried their suggestions which didn't work either, they asked for a photo of the serial number and where it was located in the house which I duly sent to them.
My email was replied to the next day telling me it was still in warranty and they sent me a prepaid return label. Last Friday I repacked the Play 5 and posted it to an address in Poland via UPS (I live in the UK) and yesterday (the following Wednesday) I received a replacement Play 5 Gen 2 which is now up and playing.

Thank you Sonos for your very prompt customer service.

Please could you tell us where Sonos speakers can be bought at 75% of Sonos price? I shall be interested to see if that is a genuine authorised dealer. 

Had a somewhat similar experience a few months ago. My two play:5s in stereo stopped working after I updated the sonos app/speaker software. The problems occurred both when connecting the speakers to the bridge or directly to a router through a network cable.

I had quite a few mail exchanges with Sonos support, re-connected the speakers one by one (to avoid IP address conflicts) and whatnot. I never got the play:5s to work again as before the update.

To my surprise, last month I received a message from Sonos that they are going to discontinue the support for the Play5 and bridge. The old products can be returned when replaced by an updated play5 gen2 in which case a 30% discount is given. Interestingly, Amazon and various other online stores offer the Sonos Play:5s gen2 at about 75% of the sonos price.

I have some mixed feelings about this: Our family is happy on the one hand with the possibilities of what the Sonos products have to offer (we love the playbar and play3s in surround setup with the TV e.g.). I’m not too pleased with the service and being informed that the lifespan of the Sonos products is somewhat shorter than I expected.