Play: 5 II in stereo setup sonds unbalanced

  • 5 January 2017
  • 1 reply

I have noticed that one of my Play: 5 II sounds much richer in both treble and bass sounds and it makes the stereo image noticeably unbalanced.

The difference is very clear when I change the balance from left to right as the sound on one of the Play: 5 II is so much louder because of the richer bass and treble sound image.

I tried to correct it by changing the balance but the result was not good as the result sounds muffled and the stereo image is still bad.

I tried to unpaired them and connect as stereo again but ends up with the same result...

Is there any fix for this or do I need to replace them in store?

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1 reply

One unit could be defective. Swap them over and re-pair them. If the problem changes sides then it's with the actual speaker.