Play 5 has very low volume

  • 22 December 2018
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Hello! I have a Play 5, Play 3 and Boost all gen 1. Everything was working great until a couple weeks ago, the Play 5 now has extremely low volume. Even if I turn the volume all the way up on only the play 5, it is barely audible. This is true weather it is grouped with the play 3 or not. Play 3 works great.

I am perplexed. I’ve checked all the gain controls, reset everything, tried to disable trueplay tuning... I have not tried connecting via line in yet. Any ideas?

15 replies

Seems unusual. I’d reproduce the issue, the run a diagnostic on your system, and contact Sonos. Since it’s the weekend, and the forum staff is out, I’d try them via the 24/7 support areas on Twitter or Facebook.
Thanks Airgetlam. The problem is persistent so that iseasy to capture in a diagnostic. I'll try their support too...
I am having this exact same issue. It is only with my play 5 gen1 which I have had for a few years now and worked fine for many years. The play 5 volume is barely audible at max volume. this is using the sonos app and playing music from different music services in the app. using alexa to play through the unit yields the same result.
I'd recommend the exact same thing to you that I did to the OP.
Hi guys, I should have updated this issue.

So I sent diagnostics to support at their request. We tried some troubleshooting. The last test we ran was plugging headphones into the back of the Play 5 to see if the volume was low from the headphone out as well. It was.

They created an RMA, but I did not send it in because they said there could be a $300 charge to fix it since it was out of warranty.

I just broke it out again and it has the same issue after another update so, no luck there.

The only thing I have not tried is plugging a source directly into the Play 5. I am going to try that next.
Thanks for the update. Curious if they had you do a factory rest on it?
I have the same problem. They suggested to replace it with the next generation with a 30 dollar discount...
I tried playing music on my Gen 1 Play 5 for the first time after the controller recommended a software update last week. The Play 5 now has very low volume even if the controller volume is at 100%. If a headphone is plugged to the Play 5, the headphone volume is fine and the volume up and down works. I did the factory reset and it still has the issue. I saw several threads with the same issue but adding comments to the threads are closed. I did send an email (and diagnostic) to Sonos support but they immediately wrote back and said my Play 5 is defective without discussion. I gave additional information and waiting to hear back. I was wondering if anyone's gen 1 play 5 was fixed after having the same issue. Still hoping I will not need a replacement.
Update - I called Sonos and they told me the amplifier failed and the failure coinciding with the software update is just by chance. I have 10+ year old speakers (and the ones mostly used) and they still work. I have 20+ year old speakers in storage and they still work. I guess reliability of Sonos is not up to par. Not sure if I should invest another $350 for another Sonos replacement. I need to find the most reliable wireless speakers.
This is disappointing, I have the same problem, left it running and at some random time at night the volume returned to normal. I then turned off and guess back to extremely low volume mode. For me it is a software issue.
That's three separate threads you've posted to. I've responded in only one of them.

I understand your frustration with the situation, but I'm not convinced spamming the forum is necessary.
Same issues for me.
first volume setting moved past center for same volume.
Next. The volume increases up and down on its own and I also noticed that the speaker reaction to changes on the app are slightly delayed compared to before.

all happened to a recent “update”.

i work with firmware. These symptoms and update are most likely related.
Sent my diagnostics to Sonus. Seems there is a common thread here, possibly linked to ducking, be great to see a solution to this. Not interested in replacing the unit...won't be sonus if I do.
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Sent my diagnostics to Sonus. Seems there is a common thread here, possibly linked to ducking, be great to see a solution to this. Not interested in replacing the unit...won't be sonus if I do.

Mum joy sure why a Play:5 would be ducking, as it doesn’t have voice control.

If if you do replace it, I can recommend Sonos speakers to replace your Sonus 😜
What does the phrase "Mum joy sure" mean? It's not in colloquial American usage.