Play:5 Gen2 WiFi controller dead?

Hi - I have a Play:5 Gen2 which dropped out of a stereo pair last night. Despite doing a reset on the device and trying numerous other options, it steadfastly refuses to appear back on my wireless.

I hard wired it into my home network switch and it does then appear. I then disconnected it again to force it onto my WiFi and restarted it (doing a factory reset) . This time around I see a flashing green light like it is ready to go into setup mode - so I proceed with trying to add it through the Sonos app and the app sees the "new" Play:5, I then select to set it up, it prompts me to press the connect button on the rear of the Play:5, I press it and hear the tone and then the light goes to flashing orange, followed by solid orange. I can't see the device - so the setup fails.

After a few minutes, the LED starts flashing white for a few seconds and then returns to flashing green like it is going back to the setup loop again.

I subsequently setup the Play:5 Gen2 when wired to my home network and I have assigned it a new room so as to simplify troubleshooting.
Once I restart the Play:5 without the LAN cable to push it onto my wireless, when it restarts, it does not appear in my Sonos controller app.

If I plug the LAN cable back in, the errant Play:5 reappears in the controller.

I believe we are looking at a wireless card issue with the Play:5 Gen2.

Any other ideas?


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Did you update the firmware recently? I updated firmware via ios app last night and today play5 just does not play anything. My other two play1 work fine. I tried everything I can, including reset to factory settings and re-add it to my account. At the final step of adding the play5 (registering products), there was a long wait and then error message stating cannot connect to internet. I am not sure if the firmware update is the cause or some part of sonos server is down.
Did a firmware update a out a week back. Was working fine after that up until yesterday.
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Hello there, User370007. Welcome to the Community. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic report so I can have a closer look? Be sure to do this with the PLAY:5 plugged into the router, and reply with the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end. Thanks in advance.


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