play 5 gen 2 wont connect over wireless

  • 24 June 2019
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Play 5 2nd gen worked for 18 months now Connection to WiFi is not working well. I was able to get it connected back to WiFi by connecting to the router through Ethernet. I can unplug the Ethernet and the play 5 shows up on the network again and can play. But, it can’t be grouped with any other speakers on the network.

If if I unplug and move the speaker to another location, it can no longer connect to my WiFi.

Diagnostic information sent #939262739


1 reply

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Probably should call Sonos on Monday or try one of their 24x7 support options, support here in the forums is a bit spotty as it is easy for the admin folks to miss posts. If they do see it they likely are going to tell you to call anyway.