Play:5 Gen 2 Aux In from Iphone is finicky. Sequence suggestions, or Play5 button suggestions?

Sonos Play:5 Gen 2.  (Version 13).  

Play5 is configured to auto detect line in.

Speaker unplugged and moved to an area with no wifi.  

Speaker plugged in.      

  1. Phone sourcing to Aux in produces music (all is good).    
  2. Pause play on phone.
  3. Restart play on phone, no music from Play5.
  4. Unplug of phone confirms sounds is playing from phone 
  5. Plug phone back in to Play5, reboot phone (tic, toc, tic, toc)
  6. On boot, music plays.  

Questions --

  1. Can the color of the Play5 indicators provide clue to issue? 
  2. Is there a way to force the Play5 to recapture the stream from Aux input?

    I assume Play5 sees Aux input gone, and does not re-acquire aux input stream when it restarts.  Is there a method to allow music to pause on the iphone and restart (without the long, long reboot of the iphone)?  


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See if perhaps raising the Line-In source level to say ‘8’ or higher makes any difference, assuming you have Autoplay already switched on and have also set a default volume-level in the speakers line-in settings.

Will try. 
Line-in source was set to 2, now set to 9.  

Volume.  Use Autoplay Volume was disabled.  Now enabled, set to 70%.   

Hope it works.👍

Tested.  Still shows occasional failure with the changes.  Perhaps 1 out of 5 times, when the phone music is paused, playing music fails to restart.  Reboot of Sonos allows music to play from the Sonos.  

Do you have a different cable you can perhaps try, to see if that makes any difference?

A ‘sound’ idea.  I should have tried this in the troubleshooting tree earlier. Lightning to aux female has been swapped.  Aux male to Aux male has not been swapped.  TBD. 

I wonder if the aux female-to-male connection is somehow interrupting the signal? If you perhaps might be better off with one of these? (The link below is just an example)

Just something else to perhaps consider.

New cable (exactly like Ken_G suggested), same failure mode.  
Also deleted Spotify and re-installed on phone.  
Issue remains.   
Tech Support @ Sonos checked via diagnostics and Play:5 Gen 2 is fine.  Tech support at Sonos says there’s no reported Aux in issues with Play:5 gen 2.   
With failure, an unplug of the lightning-Aux in cable at phone creates slight hum @ Sonos.  This tells me Sonos is listening to Aux in.   
Unplug of lightning-Aux on cable creates sound  playing on IPhone.  I guess my next step is to try another sound source from iPhone.  Pause it for 3 minutes, resume, and observe if speaker plays.   

Problem continues with alternate sound source on iPhone1.   Tested with iphone2 (older generation, different owner) same issue.  

Re-initialized Sonos speaker.  No change.  

When failed, speaker does not recognize Aux In inputs.  Touching Aux in with a finger creates added hum in normal operation.  No hum present when failed.  

There is a WiFi signal in the area to which the Sonos is not connected.  I am turning WiFi off at the Sonos to confirm the processor is not getting in a loop trying to authenticate/connect to this WiFi.  The processor loop could possibly  affect detection of aux in.

Is there an approach to Sonos to get some level2 or 3 support? My Sonos session essentially got a review of a diag file with all looking fine.


i would give Sonos Support a call. See this Link